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Looks like our new White Plains Mayor Tom is beholding to the Unions?? Can he still lay them off or Out Source jobs as required??? Are we looking at 20/23 % Plus TAX increases like Greenburg NY has endured???

Looks like it will be business as usual between now thru 2013 in White Plains. I am taking the liberty of providing some campaign finance records from the Roach vs Castelli NYS election which Tom lost.

If you listened to Tom Roach during the CNA debates, he lamented that we will have to pay 5% into the union pension funds coming up. This doesn't include our regular 4-5 % City increase and the projected approx. 3% + COLA school tax. Let's also not forget to add the stealth increase pending due to further STAR exemption reductions (these cuts have been equaling a 11-15% tax increase for homes valued at 600,000.00 and under). So let’s add up these figures and decide if Tom Roach and his Union donor/Lobby should actually be running White Plains?

Possible upcoming tax increase in WP:

Pending City Tax Increase (the usual 4-5%)          ** 4% (Using the low dollar for Tom’s promised aggressive and fair budget)

Pension Fund Contribution increase:          ** 5% (per Tom own statement at the CNA debate)

School Tax:          ** 3% pending (plus the usual guaranteed Cost of Living factor)

Pending STAR Exemption effect:          **11 to 15% (net effect on older homes valued at less than 600,000.00) (Per WPCNR.COM J Bailey NYSOPRS ref of possible 10%)

** It looks like we might see a tax increase of 20/23% in 2011-12-13 overall???? No wonder Acting Mayor Roach sat on the budget release!!! This increase will bring us up to about a 75% Property tax increases since 2002. Like Tom said during the CNA debate, “I’ve been on the council for 9 years” and I say that he and other spend thrift or legislation blocking council persons made every % of these Property tax increases possible. Imagine, Tom actually said, he voted against the extra sales tax increase because he didn’t want the DelFino administration to waste it. This is like saying no thank you keep your money we’ll negotiate for it in two years!! Duh!!

Now the question White Plains 1-2 family property owners have to ask is: Can Tom Roach cut the Cities Union Staff and Service workers as required? Can Tom Roach go to an outsourcing model of government employment and reduce payroll through natural attrition as well??? I have to guess that at this point he can’t because the UNIONS own him and nice guys usually finish last in this ugly business of politics!!

Here’s the list attached below of Tom’s 2010 NYS Election donors listing the largest contributors by industry and this tells a very clear story? It’s clear, Tom Roach will not be able to lay off City Union workers and outsource their positions as so many White Plains residents are demanding. Tom Roach lamented on John Bailey’s fine program, White Plains Week, that he (Tom) can’t understand the animosity for Public Sector Employees (Unions). Well if you look at Tom’s donor list you can understand his concern for his Union friends.

[View Roach contributor list] 393kB .PDF

Please take a look at these two contributor lists so you can see who financed Tom Roach and view who he is actually indebted and I can assure you, it’s not the White Plains 1-2 family property tax payer, that’s for sure. Compare Tom’s Roaches list to Mr. Castelli's list of folks, they not Union contributors and observe the contrast. It is also evident that Tom got very little support in the upper counties where many more conservative folks reside. I guess they sensed the Liberal Wolf hiding under Tom Roaches RED UNION cloak!!

[View Castelli contributor list] 398kB .PDF

Just a little reminder*** remember about 20% (est. based on past Spitzer budgets could be higher now) of all persons working in the state of NY belong to some sort of a civil service Union and are employed by Federal, NYS, County or local municipalities.

The next question nobody has asked yet is; what ultra-Liberal /WFP/Green Dem will be taking over Tom’s seat on the council?

Mayor Roach you need to take off the rose colored glasses and make the tough calls. Time to CUT! CUT! CUT!. We need TAX reductions like squirrels need nuts for the winter!


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