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WPHOC sends a message to the Council requesting fairness for Republicans and Conservatives when they select a council member to fill Tom Roach's vacant seat.

Attn: To all White Plains Council Members voting for new member to replace Tom Roach:

I hope you remaining 5 Democratic Council members who will be voting on a replacement for Tom Roach's Council seat will consider opening up the selection to a moderate candidate from the center right side of the political spectrum.

Currently, we have 5 a total of Democrats/WFP members: 2 women, 1 who is Hispanic, 1 black male, 2 white males which make up quite a one sided group. It seems to me that this esteemed body should make the difficult choice of adding a Republican, Democratic Conservative or Conservative Party to truly create a fair system of government.

To appoint another member from the Democratic Party, a Green Party or The Liberal Working Family Party candidate is just cementing the opinion of the minority Republican and Conservative parties that we in deed have no voice in politics in White Plains and that the fair Democratic process is dead in our community. For years we have listened to DEMS and liberals plead for causes claiming to represent the minority interest politics and otherwise voice support for the Liberal-Green agenda in this City.

WPHOC Management would like to suggest 3 possible choices for this council seat, listed in alphabetical order.

1) Cass Cibelli, who sat on our WP Planning Board, he has run for this council position in the past, he is also quite eloquent and has great experience running school operations with the NYC School system.

2) Bob Hyland, who with some minor procedural assistance could also add some refreshing perspectives on the council,.

3) Glen Hockley who is an experienced council person and who was treated un-fairly by his own democratic party.

I hope you remaining persons in the interest of fairness will consider installing one of the three individuals listed above. The extend of the overbearing Liberal democratic Council majority is just so un acceptable and so unfair to the minority parties in White Plains that it is almost a necessary logical step.

Please show us all, just how fair you really are!! We really don't want to be ruled by an "Imperial Commission style Government".


Mike McConnell, Pres.


Astorino, Robert Westchester County Executive Send Email
Callahan, John Chief of Staff/Corporation Counsel Send Email
Feiner, Paul Greenburgh Town Supervisor Send Email
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Krolian, Dennis White Plains Common Council Member Send Email
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Lyman, Richard White Plains Fire Chief Send Email
Martin, John White Plains Council Pres. Send Email
McNerney, Chief Greenburgh Chief of Police Send Email
Roach, Thomas Mayor of White Plains Send Email
Smayda, Beth White Plains Council Member Send Email
Soyk, Tom WPPA-Traffic Engineer Send Email
Tasch, Lloyd White Plains Tax Acessor Send Email
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