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Sue Habel confirmed months back NO MONEY for close in neighborhood squalor but now we have $ 202,000.00 to study possible renovations in 2 WP Parks

Council approves $202,000 study to upgrade “Shabby” Gardella and Kittrell Parks** see WPHOC Letter below:

Dear WP Council:

Let me see if I can get my arms around this. You are all approving $ 202,000.00 to study rehabilitation of two parks in White Plains? This is just $202,000.00 to study the rehab and probably 2,000,000.00 will come after this for upgrades. Like the WP Patch published today*** Mr. Genito's budget is calling for a 6.78% tax increase and you all approved $202,000.00 to study how and if we should upgrade a park? Why are you going to outside firms to conduct studies when we pay handsome salaries to many city engineers and design department professionals?

We need close in neighborhood infrastructure rehabilitation before you fix Parks. You install a foundation frame a house and finish or renovate the construction before you do the landscaping. Once again you are all slapping lip stick on a PIG and catering to the DEM voters who elected this new Mayor. It looks like political payoff for votes to me!!!

Can you all tell me why the City Planning Dept. and the Urban Renewal Dept. had to send civilians (not experts) out to (study) drive around the decrepit close-in neighborhoods conducting what Sue Habel referred to as an Urban Renewal “Wind Shield survey” to rate the substandard (55% plus) conditions in the close in neighborhoods? Then Sue Habel appeared at a council meeting to update all of us on her "Wind Shield Survey" results and she disclosed for all that there are indeed squalid conditions in the Cities close in neighborhoods but there is no money to address the problems. Now the Council has approved $ 202,000.00 to fix Parks?? Is this a move to satisfy the DEM/Green Open Space lobby that dictates the daily business for our new mayor and some of our council members?

Yes, I guess we do have an “ Imperial DEM-GREEN Committee “ running this town on the backs of the small home owners!

“New Logo for the ** New White Plains Watermelon Party” Green on the Outside** RED on the Inside


We’re heading in the direction of Greenburg and they spend more on Parks and Recreation than they do on their schools????????????? I’d speak with a few residents who have recently moved into Battle Hill to get away from the high out of control Greenburg taxes**** Unfortunately they were quite concerned and I advised they are in for a rude awakening as new White Plains residents.


We need a tax rollback not an increase*** Can someone tell me how Rob Astorino our Westchester County Executive managed to engineer a tax reduction when the Westchester County Budget dwarfs the WP city budget and they have work force that also dwarfs that of the City of White Plains???

I wonder whose relative or friend is making money on this deal******* ??? Once again I’ll reiterate that Michael Genito, WP Finance Commissioner is suggesting a 6.78% tax increase, think about this statement and then read this again????? 75% property tax increase since 2002*** Water Rates doubled in 4-5 years*** Tom Roach elected and he comes out of the gate promising the Unions he’s not firing anyone????? These are all guaranteed facts because the Property Tax payers are going to pay the bills and keep Tom’s promises.


Mike McConnell, Pres.

White Plains Homeowners Coalition, LLC

Astorino, Robert Westchester County Executive Send Email
Callahan, John Chief of Staff/Corporation Counsel Send Email
Feiner, Paul Greenburgh Town Supervisor Send Email
Genito, Mike WP Finance Commissioner Send Email
Krolian, Dennis White Plains Common Council Member Send Email
Larson, John WPPA Parking Commissioner Send Email
Lecuona, Milagros White Plains Council Member Send Email
Lyman, Richard White Plains Fire Chief Send Email
Martin, John White Plains Council Pres. Send Email
McNerney, Chief Greenburgh Chief of Police Send Email
Roach, Thomas Mayor of White Plains Send Email
Smayda, Beth White Plains Council Member Send Email
Soyk, Tom WPPA-Traffic Engineer Send Email
Tasch, Lloyd White Plains Tax Acessor Send Email
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