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WPHOC Alerts Westchester County and White Plains City Officials about **Multiple Offenders allowed to live full time at the (24 hrs. maximum) White Plains Grace Church/Open Arms shelter on E. Post Rd, in White Plains, NY 10601. This facility is subsidized by Westchester County Social Services as well: White Plains is truly not safe at all!!


White Plains Design Review Board adgenda for 4/12/11

To: White Plains Mayor Tom Roach, Commissioner Damon Amadeo, Commissioner Susan Habel, Commissioner David Chong, all White Plains Common Council Members and Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino;

For almost the entire last year we have had registered offenders residing in a men’s shelter (The Open Arms shelter) that is authorized an a 24 hour shave and shower facility. Can you explain why this has occurred since WPPS has jurisdiction over this facility. If these offenders are only allowed to reside here for 24 hrs at a time how can 86-88 Post Rd be their permanent address in the US DOJ Offender Database?

In late 2005 and 2006 there was massive public outrage against Westchester Counties 85 Court Street shelter. Can you tell me when the City of White Plains property tax payers became the custodians of these creeps, en masse??

Now it appears these Westchester County Social Service sponsored entitlement recipients, Open Arms Shelter are attempting to do an end around run on Mr. and Mrs. White Plains and are currently in front of the City of White Plains Design and Review Board asking for review of their plans for converting this cess pool of a facility into a full blown men’s shelter which will include all these sex offenders. This would mean these sex offenders are permanent residents of White Plains; they will be maintained on a large group basis and it is clear that this just can't occur.

I have attached an extract from the 04/12/11 WP Design and Review Board which reveals this organization: Grace Church/Open Arms devious future plans for this location. The application does not disclose that there are and have been for over a year, multiple sex offenders living at this facility.

It is obvious that this organization is attempting to sneak this one by the WP Homeowners and the mothers of all the children who reside ( in Winbrook) next to this shelter full of perverts. I am also pretty sure this location is also in very close proximity to possible multiple school bus stops so how can offenders be allowed to live at this site be allowed at this site?

Please review the attached (word doc) WP Design and Review Board Extract attached: You will see the note that the Grace Church/Open Arms request was referred to the WPDRB by the White Plains Common Council. The question is has our council or any individual on the council referred this site plan knowing there are registered sex offenders living in this facility already? Is the council or a council member conspiring with the operators of this shelter in order to deceive the residents of White Plains, Winbrook and Fisher Hill about just who lives in this facility???

It is pretty clear that organizations Like Grace Church, Samaritan House and Open Arms actually bring or encourage these people to come into White Plains in order to put them on the public dole just to secure a flow of funds from NYS and Westchester County to keep their tax payer entitlement machine operating. Organizations like these are well oiled tax payer vipers that just destroy neighborhoods for their own benefit and survival.

During the Rudy Juliani times in NYC, the Volunteers of America used to go down to the streets of NYC and bring vagrants into Orange County and Westchester and drop them. They used to run Camp La Guardia in Orange County and that facility was recently shut down by diligent Orange County officials. I wonder where these people were relocated too over the last 18-24 months since the facility was shut down???

This business, Grace Church-Open Arms’s is a not for profit businesses but they do employ personel and have created an entire business revenue generating model that is dependent on the tax payers for subsidies. It is time for the tax payers to stop these scams and return the responsibility for these types of services to private charities, non-government sponsored churches and organizations that provide services based on private donations only.

Effectively, these organizations are surviving on donations that many of us would normally refuse to give if it was reported that sex offenders are the beneficiaries of these donations. As an alternative they get our government to re-distribute our tax dollars for the benefit of these sex offenders as well.

Now our local White Plains and Westchester County leaders allow public tax dollars to go to these organizations to support these questionable individuals and try to make us feel guilty when tax payers object. Yes, these dollars should be considered stolen tax dollars, received under false pretenses. Grace Church-Open Arms is a religious organization and separation of church and state should be considered as a basis for denying funding organizations like this.

I would also like to bring to your attention that we also have an offender who lists 10 City Place as his address. Once before I alerted the City administration that an offender was living in this building at 10 City Place. I am quite certain this building maybe a WP Affordable Housing location. This particular offender apparently committed his crime in Florida and subsequently has relocated to White Plains. It must be due to our reputation for superior social services including apartment door man and concierge. Now he lives adjacent to guests staying at the Ritz Carlton on Main Street, what an elegant experience for their high income guests??? I am certain, this will certainly thrill management at the Ritz Carlton!!.

Let’s not forget how that lovely lady Connie, that was savagely killed on the streets of White Plains, in the Galleria garage a few years back by an individual with many similar characteristics as those that White Plains leaders and Westchester Counties, Mr. Astorino have been allowing to reside in our community.

WPHOC message to Mayor Roach, Commissioner Chong and Mr. Astorino, it is time to clean up White Plains and sweep these criminal, rehabilitated or otherwise from our streets. The 1-2 Family property tax payers in our close in neighborhoods and all residents should not be forced to live with these creeps just because it is deemed to be an efficient solution by government.

If this is the case why don’t they relocate Westchester County Probation and Westchester County Parole/NYS Parole to another jurisdiction? This way they can also return the Westchester County Office building that houses these departments back to the tax revenue side of the White Plains Tax Rolls ledger.

*** This is email is being distributed because WPHOC believes many of our council members and tax payer residents are not aware of this possible dangerous public safety peril in their midst.***


White Plains Homeowners Coalition, LLC.

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