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WPHOC Asks** WHITE PLAINS COUNCILMAN BEN BOYKIN **Come on Ben do the right thing and step down as Council President** Give Milagros Lecuona her day in the Sun, itís a grand gesture and will certainly be well received by White Plains Hispanic Community!!

(Letter Published 4/29/11 in John Baileys**Toast **

Councilman Boykin,


I was very distressed to hear that you jumped on the offer of a third term as White Plains Council President. This will be your third term and I feel that this whole effort is politically motivated.

I am not a Democrat but I do feel Councilwoman Milagros Lecuona should have been given an opportunity to serve as Council President. I am concerned that you would have allowed Dennis Power and others to push Milagros Leucona aside like this. It is clear that Milagros loves this community and she is dedicated to her job as a White Plains Council woman and she certainly deserves a chance.

Sure Milagros may not have all the knowledge established in "Roberts Rules of Order" but we have seen you on TV struggling with those same rules as well. You always seemed to work well with Milagros and now an election comes up and you just push her aside.

Ben, really, what do think this tells the people of White Plains about your character and about how easily you are manipulated by a small faction in your own party, that are only trying to seize total control of the council. Pretty soon we'll have to call this august ruling body, "The White Plains Imperial Democratic Committee" if these special interests get their way. Ben, don’t let these elitist party members determine your career path.

Aren’t you the first person to speak up on behalf of all the kids at the White Plains Youth center when they need a chance at jobs that they might be a little under qualified for? Isn't it the responsibility of each council person to move this city forward and set your differences aside so that the tax payers will benefit? What kind of example are you setting for White Plains Youth when you just push Milagros aside?

I urge you do reconsider your appointment and step down so that Milagros has her day in the sun. It is very clear that Milagros is well educated; concerned with all social issues, while demonstrating that she is a creative and talented member of the White Plains Common Council. Yes, Milagros is a rookie but an old experienced lion like yourself should know when it's time to get a rookie off the bench.

Do you really want this negative sentiment hanging over your head through Election Day? It really just looks like mean WP DEM/WFP party politics and you should rise above this seedy effort.

Come on Ben, do the right thing!!


Mike McConnell-Pres.

White Plains Homeowners Coalition ,LLC.

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