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WPHOC Subject: We'll Commissioner Chong, It looks like a probable DWI got away to possibly cause trouble another time in Greenburg or White Plains** Please listen to 10/28/11 dispatch tapes at 11:59PM to 12:15AM

To: White Plains Public Safety Commissioner David Chong:

Commissioner Chong:

I have the sad task of advising you about a lost DWI bust for the WP Public Safety Dept. which took place approximately 11:59PM on 10/28/11

On Friday, 10/28/11 at approximately 11:59PM or 12:01AM ( 10/28/11) I was entering my vehicle which was parked in a Central Ave deli parking lot. As I was getting ready to enter the store I observed a white Mercedes pull in next to me.

The door opened and a dark skinned male (red baseball cap) emerged with an open 40oz Old English in hand, I could read the label and you can certainly view the deli video tapes for the full effect!! The driver, a dark skinned male as well, shouted for the passenger to get another round.I went into the store after them and made my purchase getting on line behind the passenger and watched him wobble and shuffle his money around for some time as he tried to purchase a new 40oz and two 20 oz. beers for the driver (most probably).

I left the store after this fellow and moved my vehicle onto the street and waited for them to emerge from the lot. At about 12:02AM I called422-6111 and advised your PO on the phone that these two were sitting in the vehicle with open containers. I provided your dispatch with the New Jersey vehicle plate number and vehicle model immediately.

I stayed on the phone with the operator and reported that the subject's vehicle had emerged from the lot and were heading for the County Center on RT 119. At about 12:08AM they proceeded down the road, they first signaled to turn right into WP and then abruptly changed lanes and waited at the red light to make a left turn towards Greenburg. We'll as they were sitting at the light at Tarrytown Rd/Central Ave, WPPS vehicle #19drove right by these fellows, I clearly notified the Desk officer #19 was driving by the White Mercedes. I must note that there were only three cars at the light and I had pulled over into a parking space to observe.

The officer just kept heading towards the deli where they originally were even though the dispatcher was relaying my info. Unit #19 just drove by me and I then followed the White Mercedes onto RT 119 and advised your dispatch that they were heading at a very high rate of speed towards Greenburg. I finally caught up with them at RT119 at the road that leads to Mt. Calvary Cemetery, RT. 100. They made the right on red and just took off again. I notified your dispatch that they had turned into a residential street just before the 287 over pass off Rt 100. At that point your dispatcher indicated he would pass it to Greenburg PD. It appeared that it took about 8:00 mins. plus to get a WPPS vehicle to the County Center.

I will certainly be able to forward the exact timeline via my cell phone bill once I receive it. Unfortunately, these two, most likely very drunk individuals were allowed to drive recklessly through the Battle Hill and Greenburgh sections with absolutely no WPPS assets in site.

On my way back I drove through the spots where I normally seeWPPS personal stationed and none were anywhere to be found. In the past you are aware that I have repeatedly voiced concerns about minimal patrols or no patrols in our area and this just shows how citizens in the close in neighborhoods safety is placed at risk before certain neighborhoods on the other side of White Plains. It is clear that our residents are not provided with and equal share of the WPPS budget dollars.

I urge you to listen to the tapes from my calls and I will certainly be happy to verify the exact call log from my cell phone if that helps. You will note that I also provided your dispatch with the New Jersey Lic. plate number, the color and model of the vehicle. If your PO had turned around at the City Limits diner he could have easily stopped them or pursued them at that point into Greenburg!!!!! You should listen to the tapes and maybe you can make some changes in order to correct this lackluster WPPublic Safety response to a serious public safety concern.

The question, all residents of Battle Hill must ask, is how come no WPPS vehicles were in the; bus stop, the lot at Battle Ave and RT 119, the Shell station on Central, the three delis at Battle Ave and Cleveland( where loitering vagrants hang out until 12:30AM daily)*** Nothing!! Absolutely NO WPPS Assets were anywhere in Battle Ave vicinity at the time this call was made this past Friday evening!!

So I must ask again, where is Battle Hill equal share of the WPPS budget tax dollars?? Time and time again we must ask this question and our White Plains mayor's office refuses to answer, while the WP Council members cover their ears, eyes and mouths as well!!!

When will our leaders actually govern? When will our leaders actually enforce the rule of law in White Plains??? When will all our leaders see that the residents of the older crime ridden close in neighborhoods receive a fair and equitable share of every White Plains Tax Dollar paid in?


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