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WPHOC** Tells Mayor Roach and the White Plains Council*** NO OVERNIGHT STREET PARKING IN WP**WE MUST AVOID TOTAL HOUSING CHAOS* in all White Plains Close in Neighborhoods!! Post date 3/14/12.

To: Mayor Roach, Commissioner Larson, Commissioner Chong, Commissioner Soyk, Commissioner Nicoletti, Commissioner Habel, Mike Quinn-WP Planning Board Pres. and the entire WP Council;

I hope you're all watching this development and won't bend on this parking issue along with every other issue you have voted "YES" on recently, that has ultimately caused the further destruction of our close in neighborhood quality of life.

Overnight parking has kept "TOTAL HOUSING CHAOS" out of our close neighborhoods for many, many years and it's is no time to start changing this rule. When many of these downtown residents moved into condos or apartments they knew the parking rules and availability! So why, at this point are these folk's demanding changes that will impact those of us who live in predominantly single family neighborhoods in White Plains Close in Neighborhood's?

What's interesting is the; The Daily White Plains photos featured in the attached link, is on Harding Ave and demonstrates the lack of parking enforcement (night and day) on this street. You just can't have 5 different people living in a two bedroom apartment with five-seven cars between them. This building is an example of a building that should never have been allowed to become reality 60 years ago in this neighborhood. This is also an argument for blocking the construction of the 18 unit project on tiny Harmon Ave and the other 10 unit apartment project over on Chatterton Ave.

Our super Pro low income affordable housing Commissioner Sue Habel and her muse, Mike Quinn, Planning Board Pres. don't seem to know how to bring common sense Urban Planning to Battle Hill and other White Plains Close in neighborhoods like Ferris Ave, Fisher Hill, lake St- So.Kensico.

As an example of their handy work, here's some photos of a project underway on So.Kensico that only makes you mutter how did Sue Habel and Mike Quinn, Pres. of WP Planning Commission ever let this one get approved??? It is really time to hold the line on overnight parking rules; it is clearly time to increase parking space requirements for existing building expansions and new construction in all areas of White Plains.



I guess the landlord of this building will be looking for on street overnight parking to maximize his rent receipts as well, now that the project is approved? They need to make sure they can maximize their rental income by assuring plenty of overnight street parking!!!

Why are our leaders trying to satisfy un-reasonable demands of people who were aware of what they were buying or renting when they moved in? Why should we be concerned that our leaders will once again cannibalize our zoning and municipal laws by stretching them so far out of shape that we will never again have any rule of law in our close in neighborhoods. Once they allow one change they open the flood gates and when they are done, they leave office and we are left with the effects of their incompetent planning and zoning handy work.

Has anybody bothered to notice the effect of the recently installed parking meters on Church Street between Hamilton and Main Street? Have you seen the inconvenience and traffic back up it causes on Main Street and Mamaroneck Ave? Did our Mayor, Parking Commissioner and entire Council body who voted to approve this change, bother to think about the effect of this change on the close in neighborhood residents living in the Battle Hill, Ferris Ave, North Broadway and Church Street areas above and below Hamilton Ave?

Let's ask who was in favor of adding these meters to Church Street when there is an entire municipal garage adjacent to this street? We'll it appears it is for the benefit of the business owners who knew parking was limited when they signed their lease! It appears it may also benefit Grace Church and the Samaritan House as well! The housing facility at Grace Church is too large for this property and should never have been approved but this was the handy work of another Mayor and Council.

All WPHOC can say to Mayor Roach and the entire Common Council is hold the line on overnight parking in all areas of White Plains. We beg you to please start using common sense when adding new projects or expanding existing ones!!!


WPHOC Management.

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