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Governor Cuomo and Westchester County Executive-Rob Astorino: Re: Paul Feiner- Milagros Lecuona proposed support for the Gov. Cuomo proposed "Titanic" Tappan Zee Bridge Park???Let's make sure we have a BIG NO VOTE on this ridiculous Tappan Zee Hudson River "Edsel Park in the Sky" proposal. Tax Payers would get torpedoed on this Titanic Project** we're running a ground on GREEN ideas!! WPHOC Comments **Posted: 03/21/12

To: Governor Cuomo and County Executive Rob Astorino:

The current estimated maintenance cost of the Tappan Zee Bridge is $ 50,000,000.00 per year in 2010-2011 dollars. What are the renovation costs to the existing "PARK" bridge based on all the studies recently completed?

How can people actually expect the property taxpayers in NYS, Westchester and Rockland Counties to maintain this rusting piece of our ancient transportation infrastructure as a park while absorbing the cost of the new bridge? This is an absolutely ridiculous proposal and it is obvious the "Green spend thrift goblins" are at it again.

Why build a new bridge if we are going to renovate the old bridge, this is a nutty proposal at best? I will point out the tax payers have been advised that the costs to renovate the old bridge is not feasible so they will build a new bridge at an enormous cost to the taxpayers? Now they want to add more out of control "GREEN"spending to renovate the very structure that has just been condemned by numerous government and private authorities!!

Once again WPHOC must ask; who's piloting this tax payer ship of state anyway?? We will ask some questions that may show how ridiculous this proposed "EDSEL" Park in the sky is!

*What is the projected loss of value from the reclaimed scrap metal that would result from the demolition of this bridge? The taxpayers own this scrap material correct?

*What are the cost projections to renovate this bridge park in the sky, maintain it, insure it as a park, create a new staff of park employees with NYS or County benefits; which will be needed to secure this Park/Bridge?

*How much will it cost; build restaurant-retail facilities on the bridge, maintain the proposed bridges bushes, trees and grass, power the bridge, install multiple sanitation facilities with per code plumbing, paint the bridge and remove the garbage annually?

*How many new human jumper tragedies will result, when you could possibly have 5000 or more lightly supervised park visitors running around this span which is miles long?

*What are the Homeland Security and environmental concerns in creating this "Park in the Sky" with a major national waterway running directly below its span?

It is obvious that these wonderful Green artist's renderings floating about in various media outlets really don't show what the enormous costs are, they don't show the risks of renovating and maintaining this proposed "Edsel Park in the Sky " either.

Let's come down to earth and start curbing this overly optimistic "GREEN" spending on these ridiculous projects.


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