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Subject: WPHOC letter in support FASNY's beautifully proposed GREEN preserve on Ridgeway Ave in White Plains, NY ***It's a winner of a "GREEN"project!!

To: Mayor Roach, the entire White Plains Common Council, Commissioner Habel, Commissioner Amadio, Commissioner Nicoletti c/o D. Difillipis, Commissioner Chong and Planning Board Pres. Mike Quinn:

I would like to advise you all that I received a terrific informative brochure from FASNY, as a result I called Alexandra Creteur of FASNY and we had a wonderful conversation. It is clear they (FASNY) have gone completely out of their way to please these demanding and very self-centered residents over in Gedney, Rosedale, North St and Ridgeway, yet nothing seems to please them other than total control over every single White Plains resident's destiny.

It is clear from their (FASNY) plan; the perimeter of the entire project will be lush greenery with nature trails that all residents of White Plains can enjoy. It is also quite clear that they have been treated very badly by a limited number of White Plains residents, almost to the point of calling it vicious. I can't believe these same anti FASNY people can be so dumb that they would turn down more potentially affluent residents from multiple international origins just to keep the status quo they have enjoyed for the last 75 years.

I did make two suggestions as follows and I would like to pass them on in case they have not already been addressed our City Planning and the appropriate officials:

  • I suggested they (FASNY) offer to make sure that they will use private Sanitation contractors to service their facilities in order to save the Tax Payers of White Plains the cost of servicing this property. Alexandra was not sure if their plan assumed City sanitation services would be used or they were planning on using private sanitation. I suggested it would certainly help reduce costs for the property tax payers if they opted to use private sanitation at their location.
  • I also suggested that they consider creating a separate parking area for White Plains resident visitors and or buses that might bring people to the FASNY Green Preserve which supposedly will be open to residents year round, 7 days per week. I mentioned that I thought they may want to avoid exposing the children to un-regulated traffic/parking in an effort to keep them safe and avoid unknown residents mixing in the daily school campus activities. Alexandra said they hadn't addressed this possible concern and I am sure our City officials would also want some controls in this area as well. I suggested they create a segregated parking area and entrance for the visiting White Plains residents so the children who will be on the property daily can be secured. After all the best interest of the children must come first when planning a school project like this. ****** Of course when I say children I am referring to the FASNY children and not the whining residents who want to torpedo their project!


It was clear from my conversations with Alexandra, the cost of this preserve will not be born by White Plains taxpayers but we will certainly benefit from the use of this property. If our Mayor Roach, the entire WP Council along with various City officials can help FASNY become as self-sufficient as soon as possible, it would surely be a benefit to all White Plains Residents immediately.

I would also like to add that I viewed the WP Council meeting spectacle where your audience was just out of control, rude and generally un-welcoming. It is clear that we as White Plains residents should be ashamed because we're are costing this fine educational institution so much extra money, which clearly would be better used creating a supreme learning environment for the children who will be attending this fine school.

I truly hope this new WP Council has the back bone to defend this institutions application and allow them to proceed without this vicious elitist conspiracy to continue to delay their plans.

When I spoke with Alexandra she relayed her concerns and noted that many of the parents of the children had expressed an interest in living in White Plains. Alexandra brought up an interesting point that many of our anti FASNY people living in the proposed area are so nasty towards FASNY, that many of these most probably affluent people would avoid buying homes in White Plains because of this FASNY hatred fostered in some of White Plains most affluent neighborhoods.

It seems to me that these selfish individuals are just spiting themselves and presenting a very bad image of White Plains to folks from many different international cities. I wonder if these nice educated people return countries like France, Belgium or Switzerland and talk about how ignorant, un-welcoming and hostile the people of White Plains are to Europeans??? What a bad PR move this ANTI FASNY crew has fostered!! I really urge this Mayor and our Council to check this bad behavior immediately because this whole spectacle is only damaging the reputation of White Plains, New York all over the world.

In closing I would like to note that these very same allegedly concerned open space advocates who oppose FASNY should spend some of the same energy blocking the use of downtown Real Estate by Not for Profits who don't really help increase the value of surrounding real estate in those areas. I will note the Open Arms shelter as one example, they are actually brining sex offenders into White Plains and we don't hear Terrance Guierriere and his Gedney Way FASNO guerilla fighters expressing concerns about this contrasting issue?

I will cc: Alexandra over at FASNY with this letter and I really hope that Mayor Roach, the entire White Plains Council, Commissioner Nicoletti, Commissioner Habel, Commissioner Chong and Commissioner Amadio step up and put an end to all this cry baby, childish whining by the same 125-150 elitist families who routinely tell our City leadership what all 53000 plus White Plains residents should do.

***It is time to kick the lords out of the Manor and put an end to this selfish, self-serving ANTI FASNY garbage that is coming from mouths of these wealthy White Plains residents.

Enough is Enough** Let FASNY proceed with their project!! The people in the close in neighbor hoods could certainly enjoy this beautifully designed project or will these elitist snobs kill this opportunity as well.

I really hope other more reasonable members of our various neighborhood associations; who actually believe in "Individual Property Rights in the USA" , will go on line and print or sign the "We want FASNY petition".

Please access FASNY petition at the FASNY web address:

You can also contact Alexandra directly at:
Alexandra Creteur, Director of Communications

It is time for our City leaders to take control and just do the right thing by stopping the few residents who are embarrassing this City throughout the international community!!


Mike McConnell-Pres.

White Plains Homeowners Coalition, LLC

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