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City of White Plains 2012-2013 Budget* Pending 5% taxpayer theft! This increase will hit our affluent residents the most** Double hit when you add the effect of illegal housing on school enrollments**Roach Administration Re-distributes wealth in WP!! Posted 4/03/2012

To: Mayor Roach, Finance Commissioner Genito and Budget Review leader Beth Smayda:

I see J. Bailey has featured your new estimated 5% property tax increase as expected for WP Homeowners. We have several questions that I would like to have answered if possible?

•Why are you always coming up with this 4-5% figure increase to the budget? It seems like it is always the same number which is almost impossible, unless you are just passing off the standard expected cost of living figures for. Why does this figure come up and no meaning full spending cuts are ever enacted City wide?

•Your Commissioners each have an area of specialty and maybe managing numbers is not one of them. Maybe we need to have someone and outside firm come in and cut the fat from each of their depts. where necessary? How come you don't have these Commissioners slashing budgets and getting rid of dead wood and redundant positions? In very tough times private business's restructure, downsize and innovate?

•How much money has been spent on City authorized private studies throughout 2010-2011 in every dept? How much money has been thrown away on these useless studies when we have the in house talent to rehabilitate two city parks ourselves?

•Why are we selling these pool total redesigns to the public as a rehabs when Milagros Lecuona and David Buchwald are using words like redesign which means total redo when they are advocating for these vote getting projects? During difficult Recreation projects should be on the back burner in favor of reducing the property tax burden on White Plains homeowners! The WP Roach Nanny State needs to slow down!

•What amount of time is left on the grant that Nita Lowey retained to re-employ the laid off group of WPFD? Does this grant end within 2013 when this new budget takes effect?

•Where are we on the elimination of the White Plains Sanitation dept? This would cut Commissioners Nicoletti's blimp budget by at least 30-40% wouldn't it? How come both of you, Mayor Roach and the rest of the council have not advocated for City dollars to spend studying the feasibility of eliminating WP Sanitation in favor of outsourcing this function? Has anybody contacted Waste Management or other local carting firms and inquired about preliminary bids for these services? I suggested last year that someone in the City contact the city of Danbury, Ct. and ask for info on how their outsourced City Sanitation service runs? As I reported last year, the city of Danbury has 90,000 residents and covers many more acres than White Plains does?




•Commissioner Bud Nicoletti's standard fear mongering opinion on this possible outsourcing, a new direction for sanitation, is to imply this will result in unsavory criminal types taking over when we already have excellent 3rd party legitimate private sanitation firms already handling WP and Westchester County sanitation recycling!! These same firms can bid on the whole dept. function!! Why would Commissioner Nicoletti suggest that if outside firms take over sanitation we will have to worry about unsavory criminal elements getting involved? Shouldn't Commissioner Nicoletti have expressed the same concerns when he advocated for using Westchester County contractors or the same firms who do private carting for our recycling needs?? Bud Nicoletti personally voiced this concern to me over using outside contractors, when I suggested using outside firms to replace our sanitation workers!! We can certainly start by eliminating all WP Tax payer funded public sanitation pick up for every WP business. I believe this service provided to landlords and all business's, paid for by White Plains property tax payers should be eliminated. If this cannot be eliminated every White Plains business should be accessed a monthly city carting fee. This service to businesses is available 6 days a week and holidays when residents do not receive a tax payer funded pickup.

I am including the Danbury City Web page for their DPW Dept. You will notice all services are still intact with the exception of sanitation, the only function missing. The Danbury DPW has gotten back to their original function of improving and managing this large City's infrastructure. It just makes good common sense!!

It is clearly time for a complete restructuring of WP city government operations from the bottom to the top. Let's see some real meaning full cuts this year! Why is it private business's all over reduce budgets every year and return value to the shareholders? Why is it year after year successive City governments can't deliver a tax cut for the tax payers? Time to CUT! CUT! CUT!


WPHOC Management
White Plains Homeowners Coalition, LLC.

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