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UNION ORGANIZED CRIME** Learn Exactly What our City of White Plains; WPPS,General and School Board Employees are paid** WPHOC demands total Salary freezes for 5 yrs. in order to match the Private sector Payrolls and bennies

Re: Manhattan Institutes- Empire Centers ***** www. project!!! Yes you’ll see red when you see what these White Plains government managers and union workers are paid!!

To: All White Plains Neighborhood Association Officers and your entire Association Membership:

I am forwarding information that WPHOC has extracted from a public web site which is affiliated with the Manhattan Institute of NYC.

This organization has published the exact name and salary of every government/civil employee working in the State of NY.

During these trying times of increased budgets and local taxes it is important to look at why our WP Property and School Taxes have skyrocketed for the last 14 years. As you will look at these salaries you will just get sick to your stomach.

WPHOC is making sure you all receive this info so that a public demand can be made that all City and School Board employee’s salaries be frozen for a minimum of 5 yrs. in order that these ridiculous Public Salaries be brought in line with those wages paid in the private sector.

If you look at our combined WP Public Safety Payroll by name you will note that less than 30 out of 300 plus WPPS employees make less than 90,000.00 per year without overtime and benefits.

Once again, WP Property tax payers, the source of these outrageous salaries must sit by as our local politician’s negotiate our futures away once more. This madness and abuse of the tax payer piggy bank must end now!!

I urge you all to get on the phone or email and send your opinions to the entire WP School Board and our local City Government officials as well.

It is time to put an end to this “Organized Civil Servant Union Crimes against the Tax Payers” once and for all.


WPHOC Management

*** WPHOC has extracted this data from the web site and we are not responsible for the accuracy of this internet public data. WPHOC is providing this data for White Plains Citizen and Taxpayer informational purposes only.

Astorino, Robert Westchester County Executive Send Email
Callahan, John Chief of Staff/Corporation Counsel Send Email
Feiner, Paul Greenburgh Town Supervisor Send Email
Genito, Mike WP Finance Commissioner Send Email
Krolian, Dennis White Plains Common Council Member Send Email
Larson, John WPPA Parking Commissioner Send Email
Lecuona, Milagros White Plains Council Member Send Email
Lyman, Richard White Plains Fire Chief Send Email
Martin, John White Plains Council Pres. Send Email
McNerney, Chief Greenburgh Chief of Police Send Email
Roach, Thomas Mayor of White Plains Send Email
Smayda, Beth White Plains Council Member Send Email
Soyk, Tom WPPA-Traffic Engineer Send Email
Tasch, Lloyd White Plains Tax Acessor Send Email
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