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WPHOC Reviews – Martin, John

Member : Martin, John
Title: White Plains Council Pres.


John Martin comes to the WP Council with previous Council experience. He also is the principle in a Real Estate Title insurance firm. John is very new to this Council and the jury is still out on his record. We do know he appears to avoid most controversial issues and says very little when an un-popular issue comes up. One has the impression he is closing his eyes and wishing it was over!!


John Martin, has voted YES on some very big issues which have not been in the best interest of the majority of White Plains property tax payers:

1) John, voted yes to expanding the Grace Church Open Arms shelter which was not actually in the best interest of the public in terms of effect on Real Estate values or the general public safety of all the 18000 plus residents in Zip Codes 10601 and 10606.

John, did confirm a WPHOC email inquiring if he was aware sex offenders had been residing in the existing Open Arms shelter and John Martin did respond YES that he was aware these felons were in the shelter and voted YES to expand this shelter as presented to the Council.

2) John, also has been a major player in the WP BID and this organization does not always lobby for issues that are in the best interest of the WP residential property tax payers so we should continue to monitor his voting progress.

3) John, also voted YES on accepting the NYS grant obo of the WP Youth Bureau which would be handed out to the New Rochelle Planned Parent Hood Center, which also sponsors abortions. NYS is a state that does not require parental consent in cases where an underage girls maybe seeking an abortion. White Plains Property Tax payers should not be expected to endorse or pay for these programs if there is any possibility that this Planned Parent Hood Organization could be advocating abortions on City owned property and while under Contract with agencies that are part of White Plains Government.

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