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WPHOC Reviews – Roach, Thomas

Member : Roach, Thomas
Title: Mayor of White Plains


Mayor Tom Roach is a very nice and pleasant fellow who may be able to salvage his political career if he stiffens his spine and stands up to those in this community who pull his strings daily. He needs to remember he is the mayor not an attorney and he must act swiftly and not over analyze some issues. We all know how long it takes lawyers to get things done, so let´s get the lawyers out of City Hall unless they are willing to go to bat for White Plains residential property owners.


1) The Mayor needs to take some tougher positions on White Plains Close-In-Neighborhood failing quality of life standards, neighborhood infrastructure and overall Public Safety of these very old and neglected neighborhoods.

2) Mayor Roach must stand up to all the very small and limited special interest groups, elitist wealthy citizens groups and start focusing on rebuilding the core of White Plains residential property areas. The majority of the 1-3 family homes are located within anyone of this Cities 5 designated Close In Neighborhoods and the mayor fails to grasp how important securing property values in the neighborhoods where 65% of all available housing stock is located.

3) Mayor Roach entered office as a veteran of the White Plains Common Council. Yes, this is the same WP Council that has, for the last 14 years, voted in favor of many non-taxable "Not for Profit" operations initiatives that serve no benefit to the WP property Tax payer unless you happen to be a landlord who might rent to one of these operations.

When is enough, actually enough? Approximately, 29% of White Plains Real Estate is Tax Exempt and much of this exempt property is for religious or not for profit social service/entitlement use.

4) When Mayor Roach entered office he didn´t even sit down and ran down stairs and gave employment guarantees to all of White Plains non-public safety Union Members. How can a Mayor make promises like this before he has actually even sat at his desk and examined our municipality´s books and financial condition?

5) Mayor Roach has failed to curb the tide of slum lord abuse in the Close in Neighborhoods and he has failed to prosecute many of the violations to the fullest extent of the law when applicable. Mayor Roach allows his legal department to litigate from their desks at 255 Main Street rather than protect the property values of 62% of White Plains homeowners.

We have one liberal City attorney/lawyer Liz Marizolla who routinely cuts deals on cases where the fines involved should be enforced to the max. Liz Marizolla handles most of the Mayor´s dirty laundry cases down at WP DPW and WP Building Dept.During 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2011 WPHOC reported over 35 Cases to ; Mayor Roach, Commissioner Nicoletti of WP DPW and Commissioner Damon Amadio of WP Building.

6) 3 of the 35 cases WPHOC reported; involved City employee/property owners and WPHOC has discovered that these cases were quietly put to bed with no substantial fines or punishments enforced.

These City employees were not subjected to the same enforcement guidelines that ordinary citizensare. Their fines were reduced to a level that you can only be considered to be a joke and the violationswerenot removed and our out of control WP Building Commissioner signed off on these sweet heartdeals as well.Mayor Roach has failed to check the unilaterally perverted authority of our: WP Building, WP DPW and WP Public Safety Commissioners, which is clearly an error in judgment on his part.

These Commissioner have not done their jobs, they have doled out favors, protected special interest groups, compromised Public Safety and failed to enforce the laws they are empowered to protect. The Rule of Law in White Plains is non-existent on Mayor Tom Roaches watch.

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