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WPHOC Reviews – Smayda, Beth

Member : Smayda, Beth
Title: White Plains Council Member


Beth Smayda has proved to be very good when it comes to cutting the fat from our over bloated City Department budgets. Beth has always asked the tough questions and worked obo of the best interest of the Residential Property Tax payers, who after all make up the bulk of most of the votes cast in our Cities elections.

Beth Smayda, recently pushed for significant increases in our Cities Parking Permit rates which have turned out to be a great financial windfall for the Property Tax payers in this City. Beth has also been very good at working with the individual Commissioners in achieving the desired budget reductions. Of course Beth did meet with political special interest resistance in her cost cutting efforts and probably could have pressured for more cuts with additional support from mayor Roach and the rest of the Council.


1) Beth Smayda, voted to allow the expansions of the Westchester County/ Grace Church Open Arms Shelter on W. Post Rd. Beth, along with the rest of the WP Council ignored WPHOC reports of sex offenders residing in this shelter and failed to quiz the owners of this shelter publically as to why they were offering such grand accommodations to some of Westchester´s most notorious level 3 sex offenders. It was clear that Beth was voting the party line on this project despite the negative Public Safety threat and adverse effect on property values for the 18000 WP voters residing in zip codes 10601 and 10606.

2) Beth also voted YES in favor of the WP Council approval for the NYS grant provided to the Planned Parent Hood of New Rochelle,NY, which runs an abortion facility to provide education and counseling services to the predominantly Hispanic membership of the White Plains Youth Bureau. WPHOC believes and advocates that Local, County, State and Federal Taxpayer dollars should not be used to support these initiatives or these pro-abortion organizations.

These pro-abortion organizations should be supported by private charitable donations and not public tax dollars. Many of the families of the underage members belonging to the WP Youth Bureau maynot understand English and not know what info is being passed to their underage daughters. These very same mothers and fathers may also not be aware that NYS is not a parental notification state when it comes to this medical practice.
Many of these poor unsuspecting immigrant mothers and fathers may not be aware that their 13-17 year old daughters could be counseled indirectly at the WP youth Bureau and then be driven to an abortion facility without their parent´s knowledge.

Please Note: At the time this vote was pending WPHOC challenged Beth Smayda, Mayor Roach and the entire WP Council to tell us we were wrong and they couldn´t do it. Beth was the only one to respond to WPHOC concern but her response turned out to be a clear endorsement of the New Rochelle Planned Parenthood abortion counseling program at the WP Youth Bureau cloaked under the veil of an education only initiative.

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