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WPHOC Reviews – Tasch, Lloyd

Member : Tasch, Lloyd
Title: White Plains Tax Acessor

Lloyd Tasch:

Lloyd Tasch has worked for the City for quite some time and as our Assessor is sometimes under appreciated. Lloyd has the very difficult job of managing all property assessment info for the City of WP.


1) Lloyd Tasch has been very proactive in evaluating and inspecting properties that have been recently upgraded or improved.

2) Lloyd Tasch has also been very active in his departments long running campaign at photographing every property in White Plains to create an image and effective date to document each properties status for the benefit of all White Plains Tax Payers. An effort like this documents existing structures and modifications perpetually and also serves as a record in the event a property owner tries to make exterior changes without and improvements that would normally result in increased tax assessments.

3) Lloyd Tasch has always been very cooperative with WPHOC when we were seeking assistance with information requests or involved in reporting possible in appropriate building activity throughout all White Plains neighborhoods.

**Assessor Taschclearly understands the WPHOC mantra of "TAXES DON´T DISCRIMINATE" and everyone must pay the same permit costs and fee´s when property improvements are made.


1) Assessor Taschneeds to be more aggressive with tax scofflaws and push our administration, Corporation Counsel and Building Departments to seize properties from these delinquent tax scofflaws,who owe Mr. and Mrs. White Plains money.

***** These properties must be auctioned more quickly and put these non-performing tax assets back onto the positive side of the ledger, despite the moaning and pleas of our City´s politicians, City Attorney´s and local entitlement groups.

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