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WPHOC Reviews – Callahan, John

Member : Callahan, John
Title: Chief of Staff/Corporation Counsel

John Callahan:
John Callahan comes to the White Plains Corporation Counsel position with a wealth of legal experience.


1) John Callahan works many long hours and communicates well with certain organizations and associations but unfortunately ignores others.

2) John Callahan has been proactive in achieving some positive changes to our municipal code and building code enforcement which may yield positive results going forward. Unfortunately, many of these legal changes did not go far enough and may need to be enhanced in the future.


1) John Callahan, has not moved quickly enough when it comes to bringing cases against White Plains most notorious slum lords. John, must be more diligent in securing changes to our laws that will truly empower our Building, DPW, Sanitation and Fire Department personal the ability to issue tickets on the spot just like NYC.

In NY City a Sanitation Dept. officer issues a ticket and it is up to the recipient to plead guilty or not guilty and mail it in. If the recipient of the ticket wishes to dispute the housing o0r sanitation violation they can come to court. White Plains seems to have this process where we summons the violator and then we must give them a year plus to litigate or negotiate the fines and charges via Commissioner Nicoletti, Commissioner Amadio and or Commissioner Chong. This system results in over bearing costs on the Property Tax payers encourages favoritism with political patrons and our elected officials.

2) John Callahan, seems to allow too much running room freedom for idealistic WP Corporation Counsel junior attorneys. In many cases they appear to be using their positions to support their own political ideal ology vs. representing the best interest of the White Plains Property tax payers who pay all their salaries. We have enough of this progressive nonsense coming out of our DOJ in Washington and we certainly don´t need any political grandstanding coming out of the Corporation Counsels officer at 255 Main Street. It is clear that the progressive element in White Plains controls the Mayor, the entire council and it is critical that they don´t control our allegedly independent City prosecutors and our City's Judicary as well.

3) John Callahan, and his staff need to step up and start writing some real beneficial legislation that our WP Council can actually vote on and effect some real change. This legal business as usually needs stop.

4) John Callahan needs to stop his Junior Attorneys from instructing our City Commissioners that they can´t talks about cases when no case exists. This is just subterfuge by our Commissioners and is really just an abuse of their authority. Recently, Commissioner Nicoletti went on or 2-3 months telling WPHOC " City Attorney Liz Marizola told him he couldn´t discuss a case because it is in Court". We´ll the WP Court Clerk´s office verified no such case exsisted on the WP City Court docket. This is a blatant example of dis-information being directed by one of our highly paid Commissioners. This is an issue that WPHOC will not close and hopes to have some movement on in the first quarter of 2012.This behavior, if originated by the WP Corporate Counsels office is obviously highly un-ethical. If this information originated has Commissioner Nicoletti´s own dis-information scheme then it might be considered an abuse of power and should be escalated. It should be made clear, either way, WPHOC intends to pursue this issue well into the New Year.

*** Please note that WPHOC refuses to be treated as if we are chumps by arrogant civil servants, City Attorneys and WP Commissioners who abuse their authority daily.
It is truly a matter of Public integrity and could possibly involvemalfeasance by these public officials at some level.

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