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WPHOC Reviews – Feiner, Paul

Member : Feiner, Paul
Title: Greenburgh Town Supervisor


Paul has been working for the benefit of Greenburgh residents for many years. He has always been proactive and responsive to WPHOC concerns and requests even though many of our members are not Greenburgh residents.

Paul understands the need for vigilance on both sides of the common border areas between the City of White Plains and the Town of Greenburgh. (I am saddened to note that at times,WPHOC receives a more welcoming response from Greenburgh Town officialsvs. our own White Plains officials!!)

Paul exerted an enormous effort at reforming/eliminating Westchester County government, which actually yielded results due to the intense pressure brought to bear on Westchester County officials through Paul and Ms. Grabowski, a Yonkers representatives, efforts. They did make a change and I hope they both continue to advocate for the abolition of the Westchester County government going forward.

Paul, has dealt efficiently with some terrible utility disastor´s in the Town over the last couple of years. Paul, is very aggressive in advocating for the Towns share of emergency services from the Feds,NYS the County and Con Edison when the towns folk are left in the dark.


Unfortunately,WPHOC, has heard from many disgruntled Greenburgh residents who had to absorb a onetime 20% plus tax increase along with additional hefty tax increases this year as well. Paul needs to make his own government more efficient, install more cost controls, demand more union-employee give backs and increase town employee medical contributions.

** In the interest of fairness we will note that it is not just Paul Feinerwho needs to do this. Paul´sreform efforts have been blocked on many occasions by the GreenburghTown Council. This GreenburghTown Council has proven to be quite reckless with spending at times. They also don´t seem to have the back bone needed when it comes to dealing with Greenburgh´scrushing entitlement program debt and the employee union´s needs vs. the needs of the property tax payers in the Greenburgh jurisdiction.

Paul, also needs to block the addition of new Not for Profit agencies installations within the Greenburgh jurisdiction due to the fact the Town already has a huge portion of Town Land that is currently off the tax rolls and is exempt.

TheseNot for Profit and Government organizations are a tremendous burden the Property Tax payers in the Town of Greenburgh and also the City of White Plains. The Property Tax Payers get it in the neck and they must make up all these lost Property Tax dollars so the amount landused for NOT for Profit purposes should be capped.

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