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WPHOC Reviews – Genito, Mike

Member : Genito, Mike
Title: WP Finance Commissioner

Mike Genito;

Once again, 2014, Commissioner Genito has failed to reduce our runnaway budget!!

Has been proficient at delivering (JIL) just in line and nothing more budgets.

However, it´s not just Mr. Genitos doing, we must take into consideration that if the Mayor Tom Roach and the entire WP Common Council were a little more fiscally prudent Mr. Genito would probably be able to deliver much more austere budgets, trimmed of all the fat and union give a ways.

It is time to cut payroll significantly and Mr. Genito should be more vocal in discussing the pending financial disasters looming for the City of White Plains Tax Payers.

It is clearly time to consolidate and streamline all City departments through; medical benefit reductions, elimination of far too numerous paid holidays, payroll reductions and the use of part time employees and private sector outsourcing throughout all City Departments.
Mr. Genito must be a little stronger when it comes to reducing the City budget that he must craft annually.

Mr. Genito is certainly qualified and he is certainly capable of delivering award winning budgets but he has to deliver leaner City budgets that will result in property tax roll backs not more of these ongoing inflation matched budgets that have been delivered for the last 12 years in this City.

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